Why We Give

We value generosity through sacrificial living. It’s a part of who we are as a church. We value it because we see it throughout Scripture. God loves a cheerful giver. In the New Testament we are encouraged to give generously and without compulsion. We don’t give because God wants our money. We give for two reasons:

Giving strengthens our relationship with God.

When we give we are investing in Him, growing in Him, and placing our faith in Him. Giving is a declaration that we believe God is the source of our provision. We are trusting that God will take care of us. When we give we are placing our faith in God’s rather than in our own self-sufficiency.

Giving creates opportunities to share the gospel.

What we give is a tool to help the people of God reach those who are far from Him. Our giving provides the church with resources to help transform lives and share the gospel across the street and around the world. We give because we love God and because we love people. Giving is about more than finances. We want to be generous in giving our: time, talent, and treasure. If you want to know more about how to give of your time or talent check out our Volunteer page. If you want to know more about how to give your treasure, continue reading below.

How to Give

For your convenience we offer several different ways to give.

Online Giving

Online giving can be set as one time or recurring. Recurring payments can be weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. There are several different ways to give online.

You can give online with an E-check. For E-checks we need the name of your bank, your checking account routing number (the nine-digit number at the bottom-left corner of the check), and your checking account number.

You can set up payments with either debit or credit cards. We need the card number, expiration date, and CVC code.

Once you set up an account you can also give via text.

Checks and Cash

Please make checks payable to Carolina Forest Community Church. Checks and cash can be dropped off in the offering boxes near the exits to the auditorium, placed in the baskets during offering, or given in person at the church offices. Cash that is not placed in an offering envelop will not be included on an end of year charitable deductions letter. (We do not recommend mailing cash). Checks can also be mailed to:

Carolina Forest Community Church
Attn: Church Administrator
1381 Carolina Forest Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

What Happens with Our Money?

God’s desires His people to be faithful and generous givers. He also instructs us to be good stewards. As a church we take the stewardship of God’s resources very seriously. Each year our elders develop an itemized budget for the upcoming year. Our elders review and analyze financial statements over the course of the year to keep track of spending and ensure we are using the resources given to the church by our people well.

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