Connections Serve Opportunities

Connections Serve Opportunities

We seek to be a welcoming church, helping people feel welcome to our Sunday services and welcome in our homes. The Connections Ministry is wide-ranging and includes many ways to serve one another, including prayer, leading groups, and more. Click below to learn about the many ways you can serve.

Group leaders are some of the most important roles we have. They serve to help us connect and foster growth through Godly community. By creating places where people can know and be known they provide opportunities for people to discuss and engage the Gospel on a whole new level.

Being a part of a family means taking care of each other. Our Meal Team exists to help support members of our family by providing meals to help them through challenging times. If you are interested in cooking or providing meals as an encouragement and support to our church family, this is the team for you.

Finding a new church home can be a daunting task. It’s easy, especially as a guest to get lost in the sea of people. Our welcome team works to help connect with guests to make sure they feel welcomed and wanted. By taking a welcome pack to first-time guests we create an after-Sunday connection.

One of the most important practices in the Christian life is prayer. Our prayer team is a team of people who are passionate about and committed to praying for the needs of our community. The team exists to pray with people during services and to pray for people who fill out our prayer cards.

The church is a family. Families are meant to take care of each other. Our care team works to visit those who are in need of emotional support or shut-ins who are unable to get out. They also do hospital visits to pray with families there.

Sometimes the reason a church doesn’t offer a specific ministry is that we don’t yet have the right leader to run it. We are always interested in learning about different ideas or equipping new leaders to open up new lanes of ministry. If you have a passion for something that God has laid on your heart and we don’t currently have an opportunity, click here to email Pastor Tyler.

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