The Grove Student Ministry exists to be a safe place for teenagers in a world that makes a little less sense every single day. We know that we live in a hectic world where there are a lot of voices shouting for our attention.There are so many images, temptations, and pressures that bombard our students, and so our goal on Sunday nights is simple: lead students and their families to know Jesus and join His mission.

A ‘Grove’ is a collection of trees who have one primary purpose, grow deep roots so they can grow up strong. The Grove Student Ministry wants to be a place where we grow our roots into God’s Word and where we grow up strong for Jesus Christ. We do all of that in community with other people who want to do the same thing. This community is constantly pursuing authentic relationships with one another. It not only has amazing worship through song but also includes a message series specifically geared toward teenagers! We meet on Sunday nights from 5-7pm.

6-12 Grades
Sunday Nights

In addition to Sunday nights, the student ministry offers other avenues to connect with us like small groups, summer camps, and retreats! Small Groups are a more focused time of fellowship and discussion that meet throughout the week and really build long lasting friendships with other students. We encourage our students and leaders to “do life” together and let the Gospel show up in everyday conversation!

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If you are a parent and would like to know more about the Student Ministries here at CFCC, you can contact our Student Ministry Director, Drew Head

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