People are like Legos. We are designed to be connected. One of the most important things in the life of every Christian is Godly community. That means more than just Sunday mornings. Godly community grows from developing authentic relationships with His people.

Groups provide a place for connection, support, encouragement, and growth. Our desire is to see everyone experience the life transformation that comes through engaging in Gospel centered community.

Our groups are made of up men and women from all generations of life. Every group is different. They meet in different places, on different nights of the week, to connect, care, study, and grow together. One thing we all have in common is that we aren’t there yet. We are better together.

In order to accommodate different walks of life, we have created two different types of groups.

Community Groups

Community groups are revolving short term groups designed for transient people or for people who have obligations at certain parts of the year making them unable to commit to a continual group setting. Community Group leaders are not expected to develop their own material, only to facilitate conversation. Community groups are separated into three sessions with a month break after each one. Why do we offer community groups? To make it easier for people to get connected.

There are several obstacles for a new member joining an opened ended group:

  • What if they don’t like the group leader or connect with the group?
  • If the group is really close, how will the new person fit in?
  • What if they can’t commit to being a part of a group forever?

We’ve designed Community groups to be low pressure, lower time commitment groups. Their primary goal is to get people connected and help them start building deeper relationships. These groups are designed for those who may have some big changes in their lives. You don’t have to wait until everything is settled and stable. Community groups offer the opportunity to connect where you are, even if you won’t be there forever.

Life Groups

When a community group finds the right chemistry and would like to stay together, they have the option of becoming a Life Group. Life groups are groups that stay together. There is no forced break and no group rotation. Life groups have a stronger push for discipleship. Relationships are still an essential piece, but they are not the primary goal of Life Groups. Life Group leaders are able to use church curriculum or to teach their own material based on the chemistry and needs of their group.

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