Walking around the town of La Cruz, Costa Rica, many of the children you see are without shoes, without appropriate clothing, and without food. Many have only one parent at home, and that parent can’t find work because she has no childcare available. Homes are often constructed of mud floors and scrap metal siding. Cars and air conditioning are luxuries that are simply unaffordable. Given that landscape, some might ask, “Why raise money to build a soccer field in La Cruz?”


Through our partnership and outreach with Iglesia Biblica, the groundwork has been laid for a successful sports ministry program. As often as they can afford to, the church rents a soccer field and provides equipment for a few hours of play. Those same children from the community race to the field, their faces completely overcome with joy. Pastors, missionaries, and church members are there, welcoming the town with open arms. This is their safe place, their refuge, their retreat. The worries and stresses of daily life fade away for a short time while the children and their families commune with one another and with the church. Building this sports ministry on the campus of Iglesia Biblica brings the community to the church and opens the door to share Jesus with every person who participates.


Upon returning, we spent much time in prayer asking God which one of the many wonderful churches we would partner with in Costa Rica. Eventually, it became clear that God was leading us to Pastor Gerardo and Iglesia Biblica in La Cruz. In May of 2016, we sent our first team to serve with Pastor Gerardo, and we saw the vision of the global church partnership as a mission strategy come alive. You can read all about it here.


Our sports ministry’s mission is to use the platform of sports and recreation to reach and grow people across the street and around the world in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our greatest desire is that Jesus would be honored and glorified through all that we do and offer with the CFCC Sports Ministry. Sports and recreation offer us an incredible opportunity to reach out into the community around us and be ambassadors of the gospel. We provide a Christ-centered experience that emphasizes Christian character development along with traditional sportsmanship, teamwork, and overall fitness and skill development with each program offered. A similar Christian sports ministry for Iglesia Biblica, our partner church in La Cruz, would be a constant and living display for the town of the hope, love, and refuge that can only come through our Savior Jesus Christ.


Our dream is so much more than a soccer field. Yes, there will be a field, nets, and lights, but through the investment in this project, the light of Christ will shine bright in the city of La Cruz. The dream is that every single person who steps on this soccer field, or sits in the bleachers, will see the hope that we have in Christ. This project is paving the way for our partners and friends at Iglesia Biblica to run it’s own sports ministry for years to come.

Meet Pastor Gerardo of Iglesia Biblica and hear the vision that God has placed on his heart to implement this new ministry in Costa Rica.

The total cost to build the field on the property of Iglesia Biblica is $30,000. This includes:

  • Site work and ground preparation
  • Concrete borders and rubber underlayment
  • Artificial turf installation
  • Netting around field
  • Lighting

While short-term mission teams from CFCC may be involved in small ways, the installation and labor will be done by local contractors. We are excited to be able to provide in-country employment through this project.

As you can see, the vision is clear, all that is left is the provision of resources to make this dream a reality. If you would like to give, simply click on the link below and select “Costa Rica Sports Ministry” and watch God turn a simple field, into a place of hope!

For more information on this project, going on a short-term trip, or our partnership with Iglesia Biblica,
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